Possible Internship?!?

So this summer I was very pressed to keep busy. My goals were to get a job and an internship, while doing side jobs as well. Even though I love not having to do a thing in the world at times, I appreciate it so much more when I’m actually being productive with my life. I use to lay on the couch day after day not giving a damn about being productive. But since going to college, I have found that I HATE being unproductive and summer is the worst. I need to be doing something or else I get bored and fidgety and over think my future. I want to stop living in the future and planning out things I want to do and just DO them ASAP! So by getting out there and working, I will be able to experience new people, experiences and be productive! Perfect solution to a boring summer.

So I had first had an interview with Counseling in Schools. Its a non profit organization that helps students in low income neighborhoods with school work and make sure they stay in school. I’ve always been intrigued with the education system in America, seeing it as a vital part of America, there’s a lot that can be improved. So I was glad I finally got the opportunity to help out with an organizations with such great ambitions. Sadly though they were looking for someone with more experience and I was passed along being a simple college student with no real experience in researching for grants, as that would be my job. 

Though disappointed, I was still ambitious to find an internship. So I did research and came upon something so great my mouth dropped to the floor as I came across it. It’s a non profit organization called the Interdependence Group. It’s a meditation center that teachers psychology and philosophy based on Buddhist teachings. I was so astonished to find this. I e-mailed the hiring manager as fast as I could with my resume and cover letter all set up and by Monday I received an e-mail back asking to meet with me. What a great combination of being productive and finding an internship, while I embark on this wonderful journey of finding myself. Though I don’t get paid, I do get to attend all the classes they offer for free which already had me hooked! So my interview is tomorrow and hopefully then or at least by Monday I shall know if I got the internship for sure. Wish me luck and this all goes to show when one door closes, another one will open. 🙂

But if anyone is in the New York area and wants to check out the place or at least know more about the organization the website is right hurrr —-> http://theidproject.org/

P.S I know I’m corny, I’m just trying to be inspiring GOSH.